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Learn More about Bright Tiger

A New Way to Visit the Dentist

Our goal is simple: put you at-ease as soon as you walk through our doors—and leave you with a confident reason to smile after every appointment. Whether you’re in for a routine cleaning or need an emergency procedure, expect top-notch service from a knowledgeable dentist who cares about the outcome. 

We’re not a “drill and fill” dentist or pushy about procedures. Instead, we’re intent on providing you with information and peace of mind. Never be afraid to ask us questions. Don’t hesitate to let us know how we can help you! Everything revolves around you, your oral health, and your peace of mind. We invite you to schedule a visit to the dentist like nothing you’ve experienced before.

When we opened, we started with a pen, a blank sheet of paper and one question. “How can we make it easier to visit the dentist?”
The answer was to start by subtracting things that keep you from visiting a dentist. Then, we added things that would make you actually want to see your dentist.  You see, you are the focus.  We think about you and our other patients all the time. After all, you’re trusting us with your health and there is no bigger responsibility.
While we respect you as a patient, we treat you as a neighbor. Chances are, you live nearby and are part of the same small community of homes, businesses, schools, and faith groups. So, as neighbors, we want to know you, support you, and stay connected with you.
We have the same wish for all of our neighbors.   Stay healthy, stay strong. 
Here are 4 main things that you can expect with Bright Tiger. 

1. Clear Pricing.

You deserve to know how much dental treatment costs before you visit a dental practice. Here’s the average cost for common procedures at Bright Tiger Dental. 

Procedure Average Insurance Fee Standard Co-Pay
Exam & X-Ray $125 $0.00
Prophy (Cleaning) $79 $0.00
Filling $125 $62
Extraction $170 $85
Root Canal $525 $262
Dentures/Partial $684 $342
Crown $817 $408
Deep Cleaning $412 $206

These numbers are an average. That means your cost could be slightly more or less. Why is there any difference? 

In a word, insurance. Insurance coverage varies which makes the fees per patient vary. 

When you meet with your Bright Tiger dentist, you’ll know within minutes exactly how much your treatment will cost. Your doctor will tell you how much your insurance will cover, how much your co-pay is, and how to make the treatment affordable through payment plans.

Find out exactly what dentistry you need and how much it costs.

2. On-Time.

If you’re avoiding the dentist because you don’t want to sit in a waiting room, you’ve landed in the right spot.

We do not have a waiting room. No chairs to sit in as you watch other patients go to exam rooms ahead of you, cough near you, and talk loudly on their cell phones. 

Instead, you show up on time, get a text from us while you’re in your car, we meet you at the door, and bring you right into an exam room. 

Skip the wait.

3. VIP Experience.

What’s it like when VIPs visit the dentist?

For one thing, one person stays with them the entire visit. From “Hello, Ms. VIP” at the front door, to “Nice to meet you, VIP, I’m Dr. Smith,” to “Goodbye” at the front door again. And even a call the next day, “How are you feeling, Ms. VIP?”

At Bright Tiger, you’re a VIP. Your personal Clinical Advocate (a very caring dental assistant) stays with you and guides you through your whole visit. Your personal Doctor is never in a hurry and so they have time to get to know you, understand what bothers you, and help you make the treatment comfortable and affordable.

Claim your VIP status.

4. Your Choice.

You don’t like to be talked into things. You especially don’t like to be talked into expensive things. You want to hear your options and then decide for yourself, without any pressure.

Does that sound like you?

To be fair, that describes most people including us. Which is why at Bright Tiger Dental, you’ll hear your options for fixing what’s been bothering you, we’ll let you think about it in the exam room for a few minutes alone, and we’ll check to see what you’ve decided. No pressure, ever.

One more thing. Ever notice how salespeople suddenly get cold toward you when you say, “no”? 

If you tell us “no,” we’ll be just as friendly as if you’d said, “yes.” After all, we’re like you and don’t like pressure or phony salespeople.

Visit us and meet a dental team that thinks and feels like you.

Make your choice.