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Clear Pricing.

You deserve to know how much dental treatment costs before you visit a dental practice. Here’s the average cost for common procedures at Bright Tiger Dental. 

Procedure Average Insurance Fee Standard Co-Pay
Exam & X-Ray $125 $0.00
Prophy (Cleaning) $79 $0.00
Filling $125 $62
Extraction $170 $85
Root Canal $525 $262
Dentures/Partial $684 $342
Crown $817 $408
Deep Cleaning $412 $206

These numbers are an average. That means your cost could be slightly more or less. Why is there any difference? 

In a word, insurance. Insurance coverage varies which makes the fees per patient vary. 

When you meet with your Bright Tiger dentist, you’ll know within minutes exactly how much your treatment will cost. Your doctor will tell you how much your insurance will cover, how much your co-pay is, and how to make the treatment affordable through payment plans.

Find out exactly what dentistry you need and how much it costs.

Visit Bright Tiger Dental.