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Dr. Kerry Goodin is a versatile General Dentist in Clarksville committed to providing patients with the best dental services possible, with a focus on the latest dental techniques and patient comfort. 

Dr. Goodin chose dentistry because he wants to make a difference in the lives of his patients. He understands that people may be embarrassed of their smile or nervous about what the dentist may say. He had a dentist that showed him that dentistry doesn’t have to be a bad experience, this is what he wants his patients to feel when they leave. 

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We offer a comprehensive mix of services, skilled dentistry, advanced technology, and outstanding customer care at a competitive price at our Clarksville dentist office. We’re here to help you and your family get the dental checkups, cleanings, and treatments you need to be well. 

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While we respect you as a patient, we treat you as a neighbor. Chances are, you live nearby and are part of the same small community of homes, businesses, schools, and faith groups. So, as neighbors, we want to know you, support you, and stay connected with you.

We have the same wish for all of our neighbors.
Stay healthy, stay strong.

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At Bright Tiger Dental, we offer excellence in dentistry. Our team members work hard to provide a full suite of dental services and offer every patient an affordable pathway to dental health.

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Dental Exams in Clarksville, IN

The road to total dental health begins with a thorough dental exam. A trained dental professional examines teeth for decay, damage, or other signs that further treatment is needed. 

Dentures in Clarksville, IN

Full or partial dentures offer a natural-looking smile with a comfortable fit that allows you to bite, chew, and talk just like you do with your natural teeth.

Dental Cleanings in Clarksville, IN

 Preventive dental care & cleaning aims to preserve the health of teeth and gums by stopping or slowing plaque and tartar buildup or other kinds of decay. 

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