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Your Choice.

You don’t like to be talked into things. You especially don’t like to be talked into expensive things. You want to hear your options and then decide for yourself, without any pressure.

Does that sound like you?

To be fair, that describes most people including us. Which is why at Bright Tiger Dental, you’ll hear your options for fixing what’s been bothering you, we’ll let you think about it in the exam room for a few minutes alone, and we’ll check to see what you’ve decided. No pressure, ever.

One more thing. Ever notice how salespeople suddenly get cold toward you when you say, “no”? 

If you tell us “no,” we’ll be just as friendly as if you’d said, “yes.” After all, we’re like you and don’t like pressure or phony salespeople.

Visit us and meet a dental team that thinks and feels like you.

Make your choice
Visit Bright Tiger Dental.