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Dental Exams in South Euclid, OH


Give your smile the care it deserves with a visit to Bright Tiger Dental—call (216) 744-2582 today to schedule a dental exam in South Euclid, OH.

Dental exams and X-rays are a vital part of your oral health journey. When you schedule a dental exam in South Euclid, OH, the Bright Tiger Dental team takes a proactive approach, guiding our patients through preventative care.

Dental Exam Appointments

If you are experiencing oral pain or discomfort, visit Bright Tiger Dental for a preliminary dental exam in South Euclid, OH. Regular dental exams by our team may mean earlier detection and diagnosis of your oral concerns.

At Bright Tiger Dental, you are our most important patient from the moment you walk in, and you will always receive our best service. Text us when you arrive and know that we will be on time because we value your schedule. Your time with us will end with a treatment plan and the booking of your next appointment.

What Does a Dental Exam Include?

We know that a dental exam is only a small part of your day, and we guarantee a free session for you if our dental exam in South Euclid, OH, does not start on time. Once you settle in, our dental hygienist will review your medical history for any updates. Be sure to tell the hygienist about any new medications or medical conditions since your last visit.

The dental exam is a visual examination of your teeth and gums for:

  • stains
  • discoloration
  • abscesses
  • cracks
  • chips
  • signs of trauma, decay, or disease

Your dentist may also use an explorer or another tool to remove debris or check gum tissue health. Let us know if you have any new pain or problems in your mouth or jaw, and let us check the health and condition of previous restorative dental work, such as fillings, crowns, or implants.

The Cost Of A Dental Exam

Dental appointment expectations also extend to costs, and our dental office staff will provide you with upfront pricing before delivering any services. You can be completely comfortable with the price you will pay and your dental insurance plan coverage before we move ahead with treatment. Dental insurance plans typically cover yearly exams but not certain X-rays and selected other services.

Our team at Bright Tiger Dental provides personal, prompt service for dental concerns for all ages. Call us today at (216) 744-2582 to schedule your next dental exam in South Euclid, OH.

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