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At Bright Tiger Dental – South Euclid, we know that missing teeth for any reason can represent a difficult situation.

Even with the best oral health care, tooth loss may occur because of trauma, illness, or the effects of decay that cannot be controlled by daily maintenance and professional cleanings. In that case, gum disease and decay can lead to the loss of your natural teeth. Whatever the reason, restoring your smile to health and replacing missing teeth is essential to preserve the remaining teeth and restore a patient’s confidence.

Whether you have a single tooth missing or need a full-mouth restoration, our comprehensive dental restoration services, including dental crowns and dental bridges, can restore your smile.

How Do Dental Bridges Work?

A dental bridge is a prosthetic device used in dentistry for tooth restoration. Simply put, a tooth bridge permanently anchors to the teeth surrounding a gap. These healthy teeth are called abutment teeth.

An installed dental bridge restores the balance of your bite by filling the space or spaces, allowing you to eat, chew, drink, talk, and do anything else you would typically do with a complete set of natural teeth. Dental bridges help protect your natural teeth by preventing gum loss, tooth shifting, and uneven wear issues.

Types of Dental Bridges

Dentists use a traditional dental bridge when you have healthy teeth on both sides of a gap or missing tooth. This type of bridge consists of a metal framework with porcelain or ceramic dental crowns fused to it. The crowns attach to those abutment teeth, securing the bridge in place.

Traditional bridgework requires removing enamel from the abutment teeth for the crowns to fit over them correctly. However, the crowns will always protect those teeth, resulting in a strong bridge.

When you have natural abutment teeth on only one side of a missing tooth, a cantilever bridge is used. Like traditional bridges, a cantilever bridge attaches to the abutment tooth with a crown. Since it only anchors on one side, a higher risk exists that the crown will come loose or further tooth damage occurs because of the lack of support.

Front teeth may be replaced with the Maryland bridge. This type of dental bridge also called a resin-bonded bridge, binds to the adjacent teeth with bands made from metal or porcelain.

Whichever type of bridge you and your dentist choose, plan to receive a temporary bridge before the final bridge placement. Temporary bridges are usually plastic and placed over the abutment teeth until the dentist completes the placement of the protective, permanent crowns.

Learn More About Dental Bridges in South Euclid, OH

Dental bridges provide a fast, affordable way to repair your smile, restore missing teeth, and balance your bite. For more information about dental bridge restoration, call Bright Tiger Dental at (216) 744-2582.

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