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What are New Albany Immediate Dentures?

Wishing you could transform the look of your smile in a matter of hours? With immediate dentures, you can do just that. This innovative solution for missing teeth takes only one visit to your dentist, and it’s the first step on the road to a permanent smile solution—one that makes you excited to flash those pearly whites. Immediate dentures are ideal for patients who have several missing teeth or several teeth that require extraction. Many patients find it’s the quickest way to restore confidence in their smile, improve their bite and even decrease the chance of jawbone density loss.

They’re not a permanent solution, but they will give you back your smile while you wait for customized permanent dentures. Here’s what to expect from New Albany immediate dentures.

What types of dentures do you offer?

The type of dentures that are right for you mostly depends on the number of teeth you’re missing or the number of teeth that require extraction. Generally, you have four options when it comes to dentures. While your dentist will recommend the right option for you, here’s a brief guide to get you acquainted with the most popular ones:

What should I expect?

Immediate dentures are an incredibly convenient option for patients who are missing teeth or require teeth extraction. Since the dentures are fabricated prior to any extraction, they’re ready to be placed immediately on the very same day. The benefit is that you’re able to walk out of the office with a full set of teeth, but it can be tough to adjust to the quick changes in your mouth. While your new denture may feel uncomfortable directly following placement, you should leave it in your mouth for at least 24 hours. After that, you can remove the denture, clean it and place it back in your mouth. Wear the denture as much as possible (even at night) during the first few weeks after placement to give your mouth plenty of time to get used to the feel and fit of the dentures.

What should I do if I need dentures?

Dentures are a major investment. When completed by a dentist with years of experience, you can expect amazing aesthetic results from your dentures, not to mention a much-improved bite. Do your research and find a dentist in your area who specializes in creating natural-looking, snug-fitting dentures. Ask friends, family or coworkers if you feel comfortable, and always be sure to thoroughly scan reviews and before-and-after photos to find the best provider for you. New Albany immediate dentures can transform the way you look and feel about yourself. When you’re ready to invest in high-quality dentures, contact the experienced professionals at Bright Tiger Dental. You’ll walk into the office and out in a matter of hours with dentures that look, feel and function just like natural teeth. They’ll give you the confidence you need to smile proud while you wait for a more permanent denture solution—one that’s tailored to your mouth.